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Potential GP Land
Grace Place is potentially relocating to this beautiful and visible (by 1000s of cars traveling on the by-pass near Berthoud) property. Please join us in prayer for God’s guidance and blessing.

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  • Walter Sharp Says:

    Good afternoon Pr. Clay, I met a Kent Campbell in Collegedale today and did a Google search which led me to your testimony.  I have a question about your statement that "Students of Ellen White know that she taught that Jesus was just like us with a sinful nature."  I have read a lot of her material but don't remember seeing that.  Also, you accept the 7 beliefs of Evangelicals–which are not controversial except for the one mentioning resurrection of damnation.  I think the use of the KJV translation of John 5:29 is understood by most readers to mean everlasting conscious punishment in hellfire.  The reality is that former Adventists are identifying with Evangelical Free churches which teach that very doctrine.
    Thanks Clay and God bless.  Are your parents still living?

  • clay Says:

    Hi Walter, It has been years since I studied the Ellen White stuff, but there is massive evidence to support what I said in my testimony.  The statement of faith of the National Association of Evangelicals is intentionally (in my opinion) vague by using the term “damnation.”  It makes it a more inclusive statement by using a scriptural word (although KJV), yet leaving it open for interpretation.  Yes, my parents are still living and supportive of my ministry at Grace Place.  Blessings!

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  • Nicole Says:

    Dear Clay,

    I have been sporadically attending the SDA, and developed severe anxiety due to some teachings of there teachings.. Yesterday, I read your testemoy and felt a joy and hope in the Lord wich I haven’t experienced in years.

    God bless

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