About Clay

Clay is committed to communicating the unchanging gospel of God’s grace in fresh and relevant ways.  He is the founding and Lead Pastor of Grace Place, www.graceplace.org, which launched September 14, 1996.  Clay grew up in Colorado before meeting and marrying his wife Selene in college.  They have a son, Landon, and daughter, Julia.

Clay grew up in, and became a pastor in, a denomination that focused on the old covenant.  After a several year grace awakening, he found it necessary to separate from his denomination for the sake of the gospel.  To read his testimony click here: My Journey Out of Legalism.  Clay authored a book, New Covenant Christians, which has helped many to sort out the difference between the old and new covenants and find peace in trusting Christ alone for salvation.  To read this study online click here: New Covenant Christians.

In 2011, Clay completed a Doctor of Ministry degree through Denver Seminary.

Clay enjoys dating his wife, spending time with his children, learning, traveling, and enjoying God’s creation-especially the Colorado mountains.