Here are some articles on various topics for thought and reflection.  If I wrote them I agree with everything in them (or at least I did when I wrote them originally!).  If someone else wrote them, I may or may not agree with everything in them.  None of these articles represent an official position of Grace Place church.  I like to encourage people to think for themselves.  You don't have to agree with an article I post here in order to be my friend!  If you want to comment, you can do so at the end of each article or leave a general comment below on this page.

Already and Not Yet – Clay Peck

Christ-Focused or Holy Spirit-Focused?  – Clay Peck

Decision Making and the Will of God – Gregory Koukl

Evangelistic Worship – Tim Keller

God is Good (A Case Study on Women in the Bible) – Clay Peck

Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-Filled Life? – Dr. Bill Bright

How Shall We Finance the Work of the Church? – Bob Terry

How to Have Meaningful Time with God – Rick Warren

Is Sabbath Observance Required for New Covenant Christians? -Clay Peck

Israel and the Church – Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian

Mars Hill Statement on Alcohol

My Journey Out of Legalism – Clay Peck

New Covenant Christians  – Clay Peck

On Tithing – Tim Keller

Once Saved always Saved? – Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian

Porn Again Christian – Mark Driscoll

Process-Managing: Church Size -Tim Keller

There is No Excuse for Atheism – Clay Peck

There is Power in the Cross – Clay Peck

Too Political: Thoughts from the unChristian – Kinnaman & Lyons

Transitioning to the New Covenant – Clay Peck

Walking Through Holy Week – Richard Fredericks

When God Stepped Down from Heaven – Rev. Owen Murphy